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January 11, 2008
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the gear healer by alaisiaga the gear healer by alaisiaga
for my other contest entry, the haberdasher/martial artist, click here! [link]

good lord, this description is long... ^^; anyway, this is tess, a gear healer.

even before she could toddle, teresa walker had an affinity for metal, machines, and tools. if left to her own devices for just a few minutes, tess would invariably make her way to her father's workshop; finally, her parents decided it was useless to attempt to keep her away from machines she clearly loved, and focused more on keeping her away from more dangerous things. she literally cut her eyeteeth on a wrench, and before she was a teenager she was already invaluable help in her father's machine shop-- though the customers always react badly if they knew a young girl was working on their repairs, for some reason.

it was clear that tess had a sixth sense when it came to machines, a sort of empathy (try telling her that empathy is only possible with living things, and she will promptly explain why machines are alive-- in between thwacks with her wrench). she could build, of course, making things from scratch; but where she truly excelled was in fixing. when she saw a broken appliance or clank, she would instinctively know exactly what was wrong, and how to fix it-- whether or not she had the parts or tools that should have been required for repairs. when she was thirteen, there was a time when she could hardly go out on the streets without breaking into tears because of all the poor mistreated machines that called out to her mind; as time passed, however, she was able to control her abilities and only "hear" a machine when she so wished. when she was seventeen, however, her father had an accident in the machine shop and was no longer able to work; knowing she was in charge of the shop, the number of customers dropped off dramatically. tess's two options to save her family from the poorhouse were to marry, or to go out into the wide world, making it as best she could, and send money home.. and thus tess began her many adventures.

some general class info: medium dexterity, low constitution and strength, medium-to-high intelligence, high wisdom (main attribute).

as a medic, healer, or white mage is to a human or organic lifeform, so is a gear healer to mechs, clanks, and other contraptions. most know from a young age their abilities and quickly learn how to shield their metal empathy.. or they go insane. quite a few would-be gear healers working in poorly-upkept factories crack from a constant barrage of mechanical problems assailing of their senses.

as might be expected, the abilities gear healers are in high demand, both as adventurers and as shopkeepers. aside from quick maintenance of friendly machines and weapons in battle, they often act as saboteurs, quickly disabling the defenses or weapons of enemy constructs. and if all else fails, they are quite handy with the tools of their trade, throwing screwdrivers or wrenches with deadly accuracy.. though, of course, they won't retreat or leave the scene of the battle without reclaiming their tools.

and now for some stuff about the picture. this thing took me over thirteen hours total to do, which is easily the longest i've ever spent on something in quite a while. for those interested in the breakdown, that's approximately two hours for the initial sketch, four hours mouse-inking and cleanup, six hours mouse-colouring, one hour texturing... and fifteen minutes for the crappy painted-over background. :D

i have never drawn a mech before. i was considering something to do with "librarian" or "scholar", since i know how to draw books.. but no, apparently i couldn't do something easy like that, so i picked gear healer. in my head: "okay, steampunk, let's see... victorian fashion, make the mech look vaguely like the skeleton/tendons of a human with the base of a zeppelin, add a coat of arms for a vintage feel, tons of levers, and, oh yeah, rivets!!"

...if i never draw another rivet it will be too soon. :noes:

and yes, if you're curious, that tess walker is an alternate universe version of the one from the praetor of ioq. of all my characters thus far, she's definitely had the worst luck-- considering some of my characters' histories, that really says something. so she deserves another life in steampunk london where she can work on her beloved machines and wear awesome thigh-high spat boots. because i like her. ;P

textures from mayang, as usual.

this is my second entry for the "class act" contest at seventh sanctum [link] . i got "gear healer" using the class/profession generator [link] on the steampunk setting.
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DragonScholar Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
Oh you got in on time, I just have to make sure it's up!
alaisiaga Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
thanks so much! i was a bit worried. ^^;
TrueExpression Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
Not only are you an awesome artist, but a great story teller as well. Bravo!
alaisiaga Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
:blush: thank you so much! the story's really more a drabble than anything.. :3
FallenAngelSkyla Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, what a massive effort! I like it, and the mech is really well done. Well worth the time it took :)
Great use of textures too, they always make things better ^__^
alaisiaga Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
thank you so much! :D

the mech had me quite worried, so i'm glad you like it. :3

i love mayang's textures, hehee. i never realized how many different types of metal there were before i checked the site. even then i had to choose carefully to get under the daily limit of twenty downloads.. ^^; but yeah, i only figured out how to use textures fairly recently, and since then i've been such a texture whore. XD
FallenAngelSkyla Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is a good texture site :D I've been working on my own stock images atm. I love wood textures :)
alaisiaga Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
stock is fun. :) once i get a better camera (or, actually, one that turns on consistently ^^; ), i really want to make a stock account.

wood is nifty, especially different types and varnishes, but i still love fabrics. :3
tuelumi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2008
I saw the title, first thought in my head: "ZOMG CLASS FOR KAYLEE"

and I :heart: your version.

although I can't imagine letting myself get oil on such a pretty outfit ^^;
alaisiaga Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2008
hahaha, i know. as i was writing it, i was like, "hmm... kaylee, yeah."

thank you! :D

hahaha, that's why gear healers hardly ever have charisma bonuses. ;P
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