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i need a scanner. advise me.

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 1, 2011, 2:55 PM
awaiting word on what's to come.

first and foremost: anyone have any scanner recommendations/brands to stay away from?  my hp all-in-one printer is kicking its tiny plastic legs in the air, but i'm thinking i don't quite want another all-in-one, because really, all they do is suck at all things at once.  hard.  and i would vastly prefer something that can do 9"x12" at the very least.  pondering mustek (like… ), but considering the terrible things i hear about their software, i'm leery about how nicely the twain would play with gimp.

so! it's apparently 2011.
how's that working out for you?

right now i am watching/listening to opeth's lamentations concert dvd (which is really, really, really making me want a schecter) and finishing a comic i started over a year ago and currently have 75+ panels of drawn.  i'm contemplating how much i want to redraw, but thinking i may just finish it first, and then go from there.

i'm writing music.  i haven't been able to sing for two weeks, but i've figured out fingerpicking well enough to possibly fake people out into thinking i can actually play guitar.  i may post listenable musicalthings.  we'll see.

all in all: things are pretty much okay.  may actually get my webcomic up again soon, once i actually get my domain name back.  in the meantime, i've Things in the works.  and even while i'm working on those, i may ink/scan some rediscovered linearts.

  • Listening to: "closure" by opeth
  • Reading: michael ende's "the neverending story"
  • Watching: soul eater
  • Playing: baroque
  • Eating: something close to healthy
  • Drinking: water
FallenAngelSkyla Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure what to recommend... I have a printer/ scanner combo from Epson. It's ok but can be a little fiddly sometimes to get the settings right.
alaisiaga Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
hmm. i haven't looked as much into their stuff yet. maybe i should. c:
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January 1, 2011